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After all, they probably have brandnew equipment and you can probably use the fitness centers sauna free of charge.

What you must know, however, is that the boxing gym is the only place in the world where a slightly run-down look and a mild smell of sweat in the air are bullet-proof indicators of quality.

To get into this extravagant hobby is to simply introduce yourself to your local cigar dealer as a novice smoker and ask for advice on a beginner’s cigar. Your cigar dealer will be glad to give advice and help you get started, and your first hour-long visit to the cigar store might even include a free cigar of your choice.

As imposing as it may appear at first sight, smoking cigars can be some of the most joyful and social hobbies for men ever.

Most of these sites will have a databse where you can ocate a boxing gym in your city.

Together with one other type of martial arts (below), boxing might just be physically most demanding hobby of them all.

Speaking of sports: women and the politically correct-crowd are prone to make you believe that boxing is in fact not a sport, but an animalistic practice of violence itself as a sport.

Here are the links to the national boxing association of France and Germany.

Google helps you with the others When choosing your boxing gym keep this one advice in mind: Avoid any gym that works in cooperation with a regular fitness center.

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