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Virtually all of them complained of arbitrary and heavy-handed moderators.

Some even intimated that POF moderators actually read the supposedly private e-mails that users send other users.

Review from a man and his other buddies and their collective experiences from using Plenty of Fish.

Again this has been noted on many other review sites.

As for finding a match, I cannot say what it is like for people in other areas but it seems like women in Ontario have superficially high standards.

Many also noted how some POF users seemed to be able to post anything they liked, with no consequences. Clearly, the concepts of ‘fair comment’ and freedom of speech are alien to the owners of POF.

One poster even talked about how online dating is ‘good for women but bad for men’. In short order I came to the conclusion that POF moderators tread lightly on the women who frequent the site.

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