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I'd much rather be going home to a lover and cooking dinner.But the heinous thing about AIDS is that it infects everything. It doesn't make anything easier, from my finances to my social life to my love life to my sex life.Pat Griffin, a trustee for the National Community AIDS Partnership, was infected with the AIDS virus in the mid-1980s.But she has only recently decided to tell the dozen or so men she has slept with that she is HIV-positive.

They had been married only five months, and although he had suffered from chronic fatigue and other symptoms, he was not tested for AIDS until the day before he died.

Whether they are homosexual or heterosexual, they frequently go through a period of celibacy while adjusting to their diagnosis, but eventually recognize the need for companionship and intimacy.

Faced with an uncertain future, they are unwilling to accept a present bereft of relationships.

"Sometimes I talk about AIDS too much," he says, "as though I want to test people to see if they're going to run.

If they are, I want them to run soon, not hurt me more when it matters later on."Keep up with this story and more For others who are HIV-positive, the fear of rejection can be so intense that it obliterates honesty.

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But she was terribly lonely, and finally decided to try dating again.

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