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Fast food restaurants also exist, though not often in large numbers. A French child was appalled and asked why we were putting 'pasta sauce' on our strawberries.French are always amazed to see us put butter on bread at home The French children eat an enormous amount of chocolate spread (nutella), and often eat a lump of baguette with a bar of chocolate in as their 4pm snack - 'gouter' as it is called, and apparently impossible to do without.Today we see a French cuisine which is characterized by creative experimentation on non-traditional flavors while preserving the usual wonderful presentation and spectacular taste – one that has influenced and won the world over.French cuisine is unique compared to the rest of the culinary methods of other countries because of its “herby” take on cooking.As of the 20 century, the French ways of cooking became standardized and codified into what later became the high-level, elite gastronomic experience known as haute cuisine.

If you can’t wait for the farmer to come to market, go to him.Dinner: The French still enjoy an ornate evening meal when opportunity allows.It won’t begin until eight but, once it does, expect a minimum of three courses washed down with different wines (all of which will be French).French chefs are renowned all over the world for creating the best kinds of gourmet food imaginable.This is the reason why French people are highly appreciative of fine food even at a young age, and take pride at the wonderful reputation of the amazing French cuisine.

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This is the reason why modern culinary schools are highly influenced by the French cuisine. These basics can be extremely complicated and needs careful preparation and an amount of time to accomplish.

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