Dating hiv positive women

But then, three years ago, she got pregnant with her daughter, courtesy of a drunken hookup and a broken condom and that, she says, changed her perspective on everything.Despite a nerve-wracking pregnancy, her daughter was born healthy and HIV-negative, thanks to preventative medication.

Her daughter has inspired her to take better care of her health and to stay on top of her treatments.

She's been clean for over two years, has a steady job, is attending therapy, and is living with her parents.

Fortunately her medications are covered under their health insurance. "I'm not ready to deal with what my HIV would look like in a relationship," she says.

These young women want to start breaking the stereotypes by sharing what living with HIV is really like.

The first thing they want you to know: They're not that different than you."I'm finally at peace with my diagnosis, but it's taken years," says Gina*, 30, who contracted HIV from her boyfriend in 2010.

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Seroconversion typically happens just a few weeks after transmission and is when the body produces telltale antibodies to the virus which can show up on a test.

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