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Close-up of a Chanderi sari The town of Chanderi has guarded one secret very dearly, for centuries. Even the British invaders with their mill-made cotton couldn't defeat the moonshine radiance of the fabric created by Indian weavers using raw spun cotton.With time, these matchless artisans started using Japanese silk with cotton.After dating Ankit Ahuja for six months, his first girlfriend dumped him. A Whats App message that read “I don’t think it is working” was all he got. Real Dating School promised to transform him into the kind of man who could find success in relationships. He decided to take the help of a dating coach he had heard about from a friend in Chandigarh.*************************About a 30-minute drive away from Delhi, in a room in Gurugram, 52-year-old Ashish Sehgal has the attention of a bunch of men as he scribbles dating equations on a white board. “A meets B,” Sehgal begins, explaining a scenario to the curious students who jot down the points which, they think, will help them in the situations they are in. “My thing is that I don’t know what I want,” says the next one.“Ask, don’t assume,” is the one mantra Sehgal lays emphasis on. “Well…calm down,” says Sehgal, grinning, with both his hands up in the air. “They are unable to accept that the woman can have an opinion of her own,” he says.Not all of Sehgal’s students ask him how to get into a relationship.He doesn’t remember how many men he has ‘taught.’ “Hundreds of them,” he says. “I don’t take clients who are after a particular person. I tell them that first, they should develop the confidence to walk up to a stranger and start a conversation. “Men are opening up more about their emotional challenges.Once they do this, they become good at interacting with people in general. “The answer will tell you a great deal about how you should proceed. Earlier, they did not think that they were in need of help.

This ahead-of-the-times idea, implemented long back in the 11th century is sure to leave you absolutely amazed.White with intricate golden border, these saris are also adored globally for being lightweight and thin.Legend says that the Chanderi fabric was once gifted to Emperor Akbar in the hollow of a bamboo stick and when drawn out, it was enough to cover an entire elephant.The elegance of this matchless intricate art of embellishing silk and cotton fabric with weaving resides in harmony with the towering forts and palaces.It is a beautiful contrast rare to be found anywhere else.

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