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Single Aussie men and women are given the chance to find true love, without ever actually seeing each other.The lucky guys and girls will interact with each other and participate in various dating activities over the course of several days, but the catch is that it all happens in complete darkness.Though the eleven-nation commission governing the ITS eased this disclosure policy, some of its member nations have yet (as of mid-2007) to ratify this change.With full disclosure, this formerly secret archive, when it finally happens, will become an invaluable resource for historical research on a very dark period.The significance of accountability comes into sharper focus when we consider that the archive often (uniquely) records the traumas and harm suffered by subaltern groups and marginalized individuals.Hence, in addition to its centrality within the historical legacy, the archive helps establish the basis for contemporary legal redress; over long periods of time it is a vital institutional hedge against oblivion, an indispensable foundation for communal memory and the claims of restorative justice.

Paul begins to fall deeply in love with his rival Ash,though he's having mixed feelings about starting a relationship with him. "Pikachu cocked her head to the side before bouncing around the clearing, sniffing everywhere. As soon as his gaze found Ash's he sneered."Oh, it's you. "Ash huffed, "Hey, I was just looking for my Pikachu and I found you passed out. " Paul rolled his eyes and stood shakily, "Of course I'm fine, idiot. "You need to eat or you'll keep fainting." Paul blushed and smacked Ash's hand away."And what? Will Ash be able to melt Paul's heart and unearth his true self before there driven apart again? Let you beat me in my quest in becoming Pokemon Master? Comashipping: Ash/Paul Chapter 1(Ash)Authors Note: Ok, this is a warning: Commashipping Ash/Paul yaoi fanfic. We'll make it there on time, it's not for another two weeks."-In the Forest-"Pikachu! Please, you already took my pathetic Chimchar from me. ""Geeze, can't you be at least halfway decent for once? Previously, these archives had been in the custody of the International Tracing Service (ITS), an arm of the International Committee of the Red Cross, and were primarily used to reunite families and provide restitution to victims of Nazi Germany.Since 1955 access to [End Page 222] this material had been restricted to protect the privacy of Holocaust-era victims.

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