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The film also stars AJ Muhlach, Victor Neri, Joross Gamboa, Brandon Vera, Mara Lopez, and Nonie Buencamino.While you may have to wait a bit more before you get your dose of action-packed Pinoy films, the good news is, they've also locked in an international release in North America.But during their covert operation, she and her colleagues get trapped in the drug den.

For White, it’s a critical and poetic selection, since he made his directorial breakthrough for Screen Gems with the 2007 bellwether Hip-Hop dance drama hit Stomp the Yard.Manifesting through an array of frightening anecdotes and purportedly random pictures in which he is seen ominously lingering in the background, the Slender Man is often depicted appearing in the woods at night, utilizing supernatural abilities, instigating sickness in witnesses and is claimed to be connected to the disappearances of children.However, the line between folklore and reality tragically blurred in a 2014 incident in which two 12-year-old girls in Wisconsin murdered a classmate, stabbing her 19 times, claiming to mollify the irresistible influence of the Slender Man.(Seriously though, the move smacks of the "leaked" Avengers poster and all those adorable The move isn't without precedent -- studios move films around all the time.What's different here is the manner and timing of the announcement.

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