Dating old coleman lanterns

Does anybody else like the sound of an old Coleman Lantern that makes that " auuuuugh " sound ?

Forget the propane or electricity , I like the old school Coleman Lantern. We would sit there all night staring for the smallest movement of a rod tip while listening to that old lantern sing.

Coleman changed the way they made mantles in the early 1990's to remove the radioactive element thorium.

It's widely agreed that the newer mantles aren't as durable, despite claims to the contrary by Coleman.

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I have spring fever and have been reminiscing about camping and Coleman Lanterns. The jumped all over it and offered me a new dual fuel lantern in trade. I have 5 of the green 200a from the 80's and the stove from that era.The lantern would get dim and bright again over and over. This would take several minutes until it finally gave out.I may have to go on Ebay and buy me a couple old gooden's for old times sake. Can't remember but did the greens one all just have glass that was a tube shape instead of what you have there.First rule he told me and my brother...."Do not touch the mantle, do not breath on the mantle, do not bump the lantern while the mantle is lit, do not even look at the mantle when it is not lit." Back then you were not running right down the road out in the boonies to pick up a new one.The mantles were the lifeblood of camp and destroying one was a serious issue.

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