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Not too many with white men either- unless of course they are loaded. I'm just curious because I honestly think Persian women are god's gift to man. I would love to get something going with one plus a lot live in my area.

I've seen a few dating black guys back in the days so I'm curious about how common intermarrying is for them. If Iranians/Persians intermarry, it's mostly with Europeans or Americans who are of their own (sub)-race, but of another ethnicity.

No one has the right to tell anyone "to stay within their own race"- unless of course you still believe in what is mostly a political construct. What matters more than race is culture and understanding. They are not property to "own" and "manage"- every woman has a right to marry whomever makes her happy.

As an arab woman myself, I prefer Arab and South Asian men.

Well in Sweden it depends a bit on the gender, for example, if I see a Persian man with a non-Persian woman it's usually a Swedish woman, whereas if I see a Persian woman with a non-Persian man, it's usually some other foreign man.

I've never seen them with East Asian men however.

If in the Middle East, it could be with Turks, Azeris and Arabs. I was also curious about their habits and characteristics?

I've heard they have a reputation for being money-oriented in a bad way. Persian women will marry anyone that makes enough money to keep them happy.

I don't know why an Arab muslim women should think she would know Persian women better than me, when I'm half Iranian myself?! If you have archaic ideals about marriage and race, then keep them to yourself.

Not one of my Persian friends ever says anything negative about a guy's race. On the other hand, what they do for a living is ALWAYS a hot topic of discussion. For instance, Persians living in America tend to marry ethnic groups who they integrate with.

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