Dating power struggle

In fact, 50% of divorces happen during the power struggle.Most of the couples that decide to stay together through the unhappiness and conflicts of their relationship problems for the kids, or because of financial, social, or religious issues, are totally alienated from each other and their sexual intimacy is gone.“Solutions”If you are going through the power struggle stage and don’t want to divorce, you are most likely to disconnect from your partner - even if you end up living under the same roof.Not knowing how to heal your relationship, feeling , you tend to redirect most of your energy into a so-called 'parallel marriage': long work hours or a huge amount of time spent with hobbies, sports, gym, Internet, children, or volunteering.You may even get involved with another woman without realizing that - in this particularly .In fact, you may have convinced yourself that it all went wrong when you stopped being in control of the relationship possibly due to ‘one false move’.

They’re trying to continue mentally holding onto someone else, while often avoiding their feelings, while at the same time trying to hold onto you while at the same time trying not to give too much.

Casual – trying to get them to do things on your terms and upgrade you from being more than ‘booty’ or a pastime.

Trading sex for power and love then realising it’s not power or love.

Your anger and depression make you and your partner start neglecting, avoiding, and losing interest in each other; gradually, you drift apart.

Many couples give up during this most difficult stage.

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Differences that were once overlooked now are hopeless obstacles.

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