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(Other needed focusing mechanism repairs and/or other repairs are extra.) - When many people are looking for a new screen it is because they are experiencing a focus problem.- Finding a Rolleiflex that is within factory focusing tolerance is a rare occurrence. - There are differences in the focus adjustment among screens . Film advance indicated by red window, not coupled to shutter. The Original model was produced in two versions, having either an f4.5 or f3.8 lens. There are several minor variations of the original model: BJA 1930. The general construction and many parts of the camera are similar to the earlier Rolleidoscop stereoscopic camera by F&H. Nobody would touch it (they do Flexes but not Cords).Not wanting to damage it, I started checking out Rolleiflexes and WOW was I surprised at the price for a good used one.There is also an optional adapter called the Photo Plug that you can buy on ebay which actually measures timing of the light through the shutter to an optical sensor that transfers timing via the microphone jack. Calumet made a popular shutter tester that appears from time to time on e Bay.

I'm researching the camera to determine what value it has. I used it in 1963-64 and it took great photos of a ski trip to Aspen. Note that there is also the Shutter-Speed-Tester app for Apple IOS and Android that measures the accuracy of the shutter based on the sounds.

High/low strap retainers.61757 , Internal body number: 016534.

Case, upright box type marked Rolleiflex, Neck strap.f4.5, 7.5 cm Tessar.

In contrast the Rolleiflex was a small metal camera which proved very popular with many similar cameras being produced by Franke & Heidecke and other makers.

High strap retainers.76179 , Internal body number 020485. Several large wooden TLRs were produced in the 1890s and continued to be sold until the late 1910s.

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