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It promotes that by addressing societal needs and problems, companies have the potential to derive a great deal of economic value as well as value for its shareholders and the society at the same time.

The MIT Sloan Management Review explored recent trends and issues transforming the business environment, in their summer issue 2012 and also in a Social Report, highlighting the significance of social business.

Some examples of status quo messages in companies include pulling back to the old framework and behaviours, resistance to putting the company’s financial and human resources into a new system and resistance to redesigning, reinvestment, experimentation and transparency – the key factors which are needed for any change or innovation to take place.

Bringing innovation into a company can be challenging at best.

Therefore, the fundamental question that arises in our minds is how do companies create shared value?

Furthermore, the roundtable discussion promoted that companies can create shared value, by following a structured model, in three distinct ways: - Re-conceiving products and markets accessing new markets, lowering costs through innovation - Redefining productivity in the value chain – improving quality, quantity, cost, reliability of inputs and distribution, driving social and economic development - Building clusters and framework conditions – driving competitive advantage, engaging local and external stakeholders and partners, improving infrastructure, and enforcing effective compliance.

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