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The increase in domestic accidents over the years past has become a major cause of concern as home keepers seem to be lesser oriented about keeping a safe home and applying safety measures regularly.

End the call without explanation as soon as you realize it’s a scam call.

These home implements might seem harmless but if not handled cautiously by taking safety measures, the accident likely to occur might just prove as fatal as any other normal accident.

Careless attitudes towards our homes can transform it into a death trap.

(If you can’t tell the difference, get new friends.) There is a second step to dealing with the same area code/same prefix scam calls: after you’ve ignored the ringing phone and found that they either left no message or a prerecorded pitch on your voicemail, do NOT call the number back to ask about the call or to accuse someone of running a scam.

Think about it: caller ID spoofing means the call did NOT come from the number that shows up on your phone.

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At least until we decide, “Okay, now all the phone numbers have 13 digits.” That’ll be fun.

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