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It was thin sounding with no bass, or put differently: loss of low end.Searching the internet, it becomes clear that it is actually a very common problem, but no real solutions are given otherwise that the mic is at the end of its life. However it is mentioned that an iron dust ring, or a torn or otherwise damaged membrane might be the cause. Yes, your desk is littered with it even if you do not see it! Then, the microphone needs to be taken apart in its separate components: The screw to open the mic is located underneath the serial number plate. Mine was difficult to open because the connector fits very well.Looking though my reading glasses AND a strong magnifying glass using a bright light source (adjustable IKEA LED) I was able to see some hints of iron dust underneath the (nylon? In the picture above you can see that the the dust protection is molten to the black plastic ring aroung the mic (the black dots in the pic.).As I was now able to bend the dust protection out of the way (with one finger), I could now better see a very fine ring of iron dust just above the voice coil.I suspect the the outgassing of the foam damaged my great microphone and I cannot figure out how to get it fixed.Danny I have a pair of 441's that I bought new in 1974.To get to the capsule, remove the 4 screws found on the 4 corners of base. Note that you have to hold the capsule in your (steady) hand very close to the eye using a strong light reflected from the membrane otherwise you will not be able to see it. It will require considerable force, thus it is a nerve wracking bussiness. Do not tear the dust protection too much as it needs to be glued back later when ready!It is the membrane, sometimes called diaphragm, of the capsule I wanted to verify. Also, do NOT remove the hum compensating induction coil on top of the capsule.

has published a new GDPR-compliant Privacy Policy as of . Continued use of indicates your acceptance of this policy. I suspect the the outgassing of the foam damaged my great microphone and I cannot figure out how to get it fixed. I still have the original box but the foam inside turned gooey and melted.My 441's have not been degraded by their experience. If and when you do find out a roundabout date, buy YOURSELF a drink.I did vacuum the last bits of foam crumble out of the windscreen using a brush tip on the vacuum. root aka Bob G Sorry to spark up this thread once again but i recently managed to acquire a Md441 for the bargain price of £175 (0) with the serial number 16276 making me think from others serial numbers that it may be an early 70's model?Don’t risk problems with the changing frequency landscape.Act now to ensure that your wireless equipment is ready for the future.

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It was a wonderful microphone but was damaged by the packing material Sennheiser used for protection. As I recall, the M-S selector is for selecting either Music or Speech.

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