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I appreciate your attention to detail, and your work ethic is outstanding. Regards, Carol Connor George, I just want to thank you for the letter of recommendation you wrote for me when I applied for the Managing Editor position.

I know what a busy schedule you have, and I really appreciate that you took the time to do it.

However, in more modern companies or in companies primarily staffed by technologically advanced employees (such as companies in the computer industry), an e-mail thank you note may suffice.

Your thank you letter must be professionally written and businesslike.

When someone you work with goes the extra mile to help you with a project or provides you with some other type of assistance, send a thank you note to show your appreciation.

It only takes a few moments of your time, but it will mean a lot to your coworker. You just need to be clear about what you're thanking your coworker for, and keep the tone friendly but professional.

Sincerely, Jim Reardon It only makes sense to let your fellow workers know that you recognize and appreciate their special efforts.

For example, you can write a letter that: The exact style you choose for your thank you letter depends upon the nature of the interview.

Most of all, you want to be appreciative of the person's time.

The person who interviewed you most likely has a busy schedule and lots of candidates to interview, so be sure to express your gratitude that they took the time to meet with you.

It should be organized and free of all grammatical mistakes or typos.

You should be formal, yet polite and cordial as well.

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The right thank you letter can even make the difference between getting hired or being passed over.

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