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Further, although most ABR readers and supporters are not convinced Seventh-day Adventists as are the authors, this book has little to do with that particular theological perspective.

Thus, readers of a different theological persuasion who are interested in the Genesis creation account would be well served to read and digest the arguments posed, not letting disagreements on understanding the role of the Sabbath in the present-day church to be a stumbling block to mining the riches found in this work.

The Hasels not only argue that the Bible has not adapted this view of the cosmos at all, but there was actually in Genesis 1:7.

This Hebrew term is often touted as proof that the ancients, and particularly, the Israelites, believed the world was covered with a solid, heavenly dome.

God effortlessly uttered his commands by word of mouth, and things came to be (pp. Humanity is presented as being at the center of God’s creative purposes in the Bible, while the ANE texts diminish man’s importance or view him as an afterthought (p. Death is seen as a normative part of the created order in all the ANE literature, whereas the Bible presents a world wholly peaceful and without blemish before human sin enters the picture.

The authors conclude that the ANE literature, when closely examined, actually has very little in common with Genesis 1-2, cosmologically, ideologically, and most certainly, theologically (p.

That being said, there is much in this book with which we can agree, and there is much to be gleaned from both its main content and the references provided.

Readers will please note that this review will focus more on the understanding of the creation days and their length (and their relation to ABR’s cosmic and human origins position), the theological consequences of death before Adam’s sin, and other salient apologetic subjects.

Careful exegesis and historical study are required if we are to find the truth.Anyone who has engaged in a debate about the reliability of the biblical cosmology presented in Genesis 1-2 has inevitably heard skeptics and liberal theologians tout this argument as proof that the Bible is in error.The use of , is utterly absent from the biblical text. The creation of light on the first day, according to the authors, has no known parallel (p. Genesis 1-2 serves not as a mere theological polemic, proclaiming that Yahweh is the Creator, but .We affirm that the entire biblical and systematic framework of Scripture presents a six-day recent creation; the subsequent historical fall of the first man, Adam, which corrupted both mankind and the entirety of the created order; and a global flood in the days of Noah covering the whole planet, thousands of years ago.In our estimation, this overarching hermeneutical structure and interpretation of Scripture is the most theologically, exegetically, and historically sound understanding of the Bible’s presentation of cosmic history.

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[This] is in actuality nothing but a dubious interpretation based on a highly problematical hermeneutic" (p. Numerous points are surveyed to show the striking differences between Genesis and the ANE mythologies.

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