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We enjoyed our time with each other from the beginning, but I kept reminding myself to lean back, have fun, and let things progress in a natural course so that I didn’t rush things like I had in the past. Women do not want a man that they can have that easily, but I agree with you in that they should value a man who has all four attributes.

Now we’re deeply in love and planning our future together. It is just that you are fighting the ingrained female belief that the only men worth having are those that a woman cannot possess.

He truly loves me for me, accepts me just as I am and tells me and shows me so on a regular basis. Evan, I know that I could not have gotten here without your invaluable advice.

The passion and caring that you put into Love U, the bonus calls, and your regular blog posts is incredible and I’m so thankful that I found you.

“You’re the physical embodiment of everything I look for in a woman” will immediately set off her bullsh-t alarm.

I always thought that I’d have to settle for someone less than what I wanted or be alone. Men who demonstrate emotional indifference get what they want whereas those who do not get used/friend-zoned.

But he’s a better man than even I could have dreamed up, and even though on paper he isn’t exactly what I envisioned as my “perfect” man – he’s divorced with 3 children – he’s the kindest, most thoughtful, and attentive man I’ve ever dated.

“You’ve got beautiful eyelashes” will make her blush.(And definitely avoid these 9 “Compliments” That Just Piss Her Off.).

Insecure people deflect compliments by asking, “Really? ” or by listing reasons they don’t deserve the compliment.

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Being attractive and impressive may get you in the door with a guy, but having healthy boundaries is what will make him respect you and want to commit to you.

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  1. When you get to know each other better and feel comfortable inviting them to your home, a really romantic idea is to serve up a meal of your own and wow them with your culinary skills.

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