Dating violence intervention program

Refusal to solemnize or participate in ceremony solemnizing a marriage on religious grounds.

Joining persons in marriage knowingly without authority.

Statute of limitations re claims under premarital agreement.

Premarital agreements made prior to October 1, 1995, not affected.

Marriage of persons related by consanguinity or affinity prohibited.

Validation of marriages performed by unauthorized justice of the peace or family support referee.

*Statutory scheme prohibiting same sex marriage impermissibily discriminates against gay persons on the basis of their sexual orientation in violation of equal protection provisions of state constitution.

Validation of marriages occurring in town other than town where license issued.

Test for venereal disease and rubella prerequisite.

Effect of marriage equality law on provision of adoption, foster care or social services by religious organization.

Property rights of spouse not affected by marriage.

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Marriage of person whose last previous marriage was terminated by divorce or dissolution.

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