Dating waltham antique pocket watch

South Bend 16 size gents pocket watch from about 1906.

50mm yellow gold filled hinged back and bezel case with monogram on back. White glass enamel double sunk dial with black roman numerals and red 5 minute numerals and blue steel spade style hands.

Beautiful Vacheron & Constantin gents pocket watch.

The sample is heavily biased to watches retailed by J. Benson, largely because other retailers frequently used Swiss hallmarked silver cases which do not carry a date mark.

Benson appear to have switched from Revue to Tavannes in about 1932 the database is only good for the 1930s.

It must be remembered that a movement might not go straight into a case which itself may have been on the shelf for a while so there will be some overlap, also the hallmarking years of the various assay houses are not in line with each other or the with calendar but the difference is small and the date is likely to be accurate to plus or minus a year.

Scarce Rockford 16 size railroad pocket watch from about 1911.

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