Dating while in aa

This guy seemed sweet and a little nerdy: a math student “trying to learn how to adult,” whose interests included transhumanism, gender, and “writing angry essays on the internet.” In short, he sounded like my kind of person.

When I came out as trans at 14, part of me believed I was resigning myself to being alone.

As he approached, another wave of self-consciousness washed over me, and I steeled myself for first impressions. He was so much taller than me that I did a mini face-plant on his chest, but it was nice.

I had given up on ever feeling comfortable looking feminine, which quickly gave way to fear that I’d never look “convincingly” masculine. Online dating does make it a little easier to find partners.

If they asked how my day was, I’d let them know I went to a prenatal doctor’s visit.

I was casual about it and would wait to see how they responded.

The intrusive questions and comments that I braced for never happened.

At one point, he gently took my hand and looked into my eyes. These days, that guy’s not so much a stranger as he is my boyfriend.

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I’d tell them I couldn’t tolerate alcohol well, and suggest we meet at a Starbucks for coffee or tea, or do a casual dinner.

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