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So do you know something about my life that I don't know?Because I'm being completely honest when I say there are no adults in my circle of real-life associates* who are not either married/divorced or currently dating/seeing someone.So-called losers who need someone like Harriet Tubman who can lead them to the underground railroad of self-acceptance and happiness. I know there are successful, smart, admirable, good-looking single people, but they don't appear to live in Hollywood or any other place where celebrities are. They may exist, but they sure don't leave around a lot of positive imprints on the internet.Other stigmatized groups have positive role models. Perhaps it's because there aren't a lot of cool people who are confident enough to go around announcing their romantic inexperience in public.We should not only consume, we should produce something.- you may: * increase your reputation (doing something useful for another members of community) and being improved * purchase temporary access to the improved category: 10 $ for 3 months. : - if your reputation will become less then 0, you will be moved into "simple_users" users' group automatically.* *for temporary groups (pre-paid for 3 months) reputation/posts do not matter.I wasn't getting any at 16 and it didn't bother me then or now. He was a good looking kid by any standard but he was scary and his roommates said basically the same thing.

Lady Bane , IFdude (43) , Hattori_Gonzo (43) , Black Queen (39) , Webslinger420 (36) , Bruce Wayne (34) , Oniwago 18 (33) , Fenryr (33) , espgeetar (33) , Krin Sevrik (32) , Kade (29) , Homer J.Even the well-intentioned "Why should anyone care that anyone's a virgin?!!? So it should be no wonder to us why people turn to negative energy sources, where they are exposed to horrible ideas...which only convert their feelings of despair into rage.What is needed are positive role models for folks who, for whatever reason, just aren't in relationships.I can't ask myself "What would my hero X say in this situation? All I can do is shrug it off and try not to dwell on it. Most people can't identify with these kinds of feelings.They think they can, because there was that one summer between the eleventh and twelve grades when they didn't have a boyfriend.

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Whenever I read articles like this or this or I have a suspicious encounter with someone, all I have to do is remember that Harriet Tubman went through a lot worse. When I'm the only woman in a staff meeting and I feel like my voice isn't being heard, all I have to do is think of Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin (thanks Neil degrasse Tyson! This alienation happens more than I would like to admit, because I'm NEVER around people like me.

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