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I had to prove to the Israeli Rabbinut that I am a Jew.As I don’t yet have an Israeli identity card, this was not so simple.David Brent released a pop single, Gareth was promoted and Tim said goodbye to Dawn. The internationally renowned and only British sitcom ever to win a Golden Globe returns for two final extended episodes.Now we follow laidback entertainer David as he hits the road in search of fame, fortune and romance. So much has happened since our last visit to Wernham Hogg.The office Christmas party kicked off like any other but there were a few surprises in store.

Hardly a substitute for watching the programmes, but may just help to you remember which episode is the one where...It is a strange concept to me that I need to prove that I am a Jew. I said I was a Jew and they said good and told me what my dues were.Since leaving college I have joined synagogues in Wichita, St. Six months before the wedding, I flew to Israel to visit my bride and to get approval from the Rabbinut to get married.I came to the Chief Rabbi’s offices in Haifa with all my papers. I grew up in Southfield and my family has been part of the Jewish community for four generations. She ended up speaking with him for about a half an hour. It is my actions, beliefs and my committment to my people that matter.With my limited Hebrew I was able to understand that I should take the elevator to the second floor and go to office number 214. If any Rabbi can verify I am a Jew, it is one from Southfield. It turns out that not only am I Jewish, I am some kind of Jewish royalty from my mother’s side. If somebody wants to be Jewish, I say welcome and here are your dues.

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