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Apparently she got the largest implants currently allowed by the FDA.

Rumor has it she wanted larger ones.....a lot larger. [with The Jefferson's theme playing in the background] We're moving on up.....:-[)Fritz: As Ralphus and others have said, your introductory post on the forum has truly been impressive.

It turned out to be only a teaser as it was her boyfriend. This turned out to be a pretty good movie overall though but a little misleading in its title of The Haunting of Molly Hartley as there was no actual haunting per se.

Its about Molly (Hayley Bennett), whose mother tried to kill her some time earlier and is now institutionalized (the mom).

== === Oh, I forgot to mention about Ralphus telling us about: And speaking of reviews, check out Review #15 at the Internet Movie Database. I enjoyed the detailed review and your comments about the producer's intentions confirm that you are someone who will continue to make important contributions.

I share your concerns about wimpy whipping scenes (let's hope J. and Dan Hawke are paying attention) although I hope I never see one that's so bad it nearly brings me to tears.

Stolen material is everywhere on the net but it's not going to be here. Hiccup: It seems the Doc has plans to attach people from mouth to anus and create a human centipede.It seems the Doc has plans to attach people from mouth to anus and create a human centipede.Unfortunately one of the Docs participants is a dude but check out the trailer and tell me what y'all think.cc_local: Dude, I'm really sorry, I know you're a newbie and I'm sure your intentions were honorable, but we don't allow complete movies full of copyrighted bondage material.But I will definitely keep the second title in mind. I'm glad you told us about this link because up until then, I never realized there was a whole world of "external" reviews on IMDb.Ralphus wrote: And speaking of reviews, check out Review #15 at the Internet Movie Database. show shapely tough girl Cara, played by Tabrett Bethell chained AOH, sweating out her impending torture wearing a skimpy two-piece outfit. It was one of my guilty pleasures and occasionally snuck in some unexpected GIMP scenes. Welcome to a very special Evil Sprits edition of Which One Has The Gimp?

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