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The specific backend’s cursor defined the behavior of the context manager.

The behavior of magic method lookups was changed with Python 2.7 and cursors were no longer usable as context managers.

Django has built in support for migrations - take a look at the documentation. There is a pluggable app for Django that does exactly that though, and it works great.

I have some server startup code that is lying in the "" of one of my Django apps. The problem is, that code issues a SQL query, which prevents me from running is not optimal as I'd like to have the effect in the Django shell too (and putting initialization code in a middleware doesn't sound right anyway.) Also I'd need to wait for the first request to do that.

Improvements thus far include: These four values allow any field to be serialized into a file, as well as allowing the field to be copied safely, both essential parts of these new features.

This change should not affect you unless you write custom Field subclasses; if you do, you may need to reimplement the , override it and show how to call the method on the superclass and simply add or remove extra arguments.

It allows models to be updated, changed, and deleted by creating migration files that represent the model changes and which can be run on any development, staging or production database.

Migrations are covered in Historically, Django applications were tightly linked to models.

Note: I do know there's a `Managed = False` meta option on each model and I could remove the `allow_syncdb` on my router as a workaround for my specific use case, but I still feel the current behavior is extremely counter-intuitive.

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As the concept of matured, this code showed some shortcomings.

It has been refactored into an “app registry” where models modules no longer have a central role and where it’s possible to attach configuration data to applications.

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