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I see my progress over years and iam really thankful for that to the God, Angels and universe and all people and situation i meet in my life, becouse they are making who iam no NOW;) . so i hope my grammar wasnt so bad to understand what i had in my mind. It has played on my mind so I went to google it tonight I swear guess wat time it was when I enterd Google ……11.11…… I have been so curious of the meaning of these numbers I started studying numerology. 2 years ago I was in a serious car accident and a young 19 year girl died as a result of a head on collision.

Any way i wanted to thank you so much for that video and to wish you best of everything 🙂 monica Reply I’m a natural born psychic medium. Where there was a fine line between psychic, or psychotic. I understand overall how it works, but have not come to any conclusions. Since then I started seeing 1111, never thinking twice about it but it kept continuing and so I went online and researched it and what I found out is very eery. Reply I had a son who was born on 11/11/81 for many year I had seen this no.

Other times when I am idling,procrastinating and consumed with self-doubt, it feels intrusive as if someone is watching me wasting my time away.

There are times that I wish it would go away or else …or just let me know clearly what its intentions are. What if it gets “tired” of my inability to see its true gift and invest its power and magic in a person more deserving, more attuned?

I recently have been having some physical challenges, so you have started to doubt my purpose. Reply I’ve been seeing sequence on the clock for quite some time now. However, I would like to know more about this being trying to contact me. I’ve been in a lot of pain for a long time and I’ve lost so much. Reply Why is it I see this every day but I feel I’m going through a very distressed time not a good day so I ask the universe not my angels what am I learning it’s scary in me things r getting worse not better Reply I see 1111 or 111 or variation of that all the time and did not understand but sense some life altering things have happened in my life I have realized that it was a wake up notice from my spirit guide now I embrace these numbers with an open mind and soul and how my blessing have become more real I am vey thankful and don’t take for granted anything knowing that my prayers are heard and for this I will always be grateful…. I always notice and everytime I saw it when he was alive, I’d say make a wish. So now when I see I constantly think he’s still doing it❤❤ Reply why should we stick to the part that is a good sign ? i keep seeing all bloody day, and i dont get good vibes from it ! The day, and address, where Shane, and Tyler were killed. I will pay attention to the signs from my angels and start living more. if angels comes from a christian orthodox or catholic or what ever religion, why they never mention .So count the cost and if you are lost and come to the “Good Shepard” Jesus Christ, confess that you are a sinner and are in need of a Savior, and your sins will be blotted out by the precious blood of the Lamb, and your name will be written in the Lambs book of Life! I’ve been seeing the time for the last year or so very often. Sometimes I am watching TV and out of nowhere I am compelled to look at the cable box, and surely enough it’s or the clock is just about to change to . It is a little bit freaky at times, other times it feels comforting …like the warming feeling you get when in the presence of a loved one or under the protection of an angel or a higher energy.

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