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You have every right to decide who has access to your genitals based on whatever damn criteria you choose, and it's fucking crazy to even hint that anyone else is entitled to have a say in that.

for being shallow when I told him that I wasn't interested. But I like fitness-related activities, and I spend a lot of my free time doing them, and I can't see having a relationship with someone who huffs and puffs walking to the car in the driveway.

Do you find you attract more attention from other men/women?

If you feel like you are getting more attention, is it from people you would actually be interested in or is it mostly from people that you think are only interested because of your new looks.

Taking care of your physical health is a part of that, as is actually being attracted to the person in question.You'd think if any group would let themselves go it'd be the gay lads and the lesbians would be even more image concious that straight girls.That it's the other way around still surprises me.However, now that I'm older I feel like I've become disillusioned. They are not particularly high, but they do include being a proper weight for one's height.I think this seem to make up a lot of the body positivity/Fat Acceptance movement. I always had this standard, even when I didn't meet it myself.

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