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Laughter, even the merest snigger, will not be permitted at meetings with perpetrators sent immediately into purgatory.Those wishing to join the SS must have been through the rigours of Simpson's Academy for Dull Folks in which youthful liveliness was systematically squeezed out, leaving dull, grumpy, sensible inmates mature ahead of their time.School photos were taken early in the new school year.

Name: Pete Fowler Email: Ntlworld Years_at_school: 1956 62Date: Time: In the early days of online forums, when they seemed the preserve of the Universities, I remember some Oxford Prof first writing a phrase that confused me at the time - but has resonated more and more through the years. And yet I still sometimes forget that so sensible advice.

Colonel Bigham would have assumed military command over the same area, the two leaders working in tandem. In a nuclear emergency, a handful of brilliant Sixth Form scholars and top CCF NCOs were to be singled out to enter the bunker.

The most academic were to be drawn from sensible subjects of future value such as Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Engineering.

At least I can be grateful to those who have made direct contact.

Current, collated information suggests that the government in 1963 selected twenty five top schools across the UK for the possible excavation of security bunkers.

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