Error updating group for lan to lan connection

Solution 6 Try and isolate the problem, find out whats causing the the error. by Bilal Aslam For certain common error cases, Web Deploy will show an error code.The machine could browse the net fine, except and MSN messenger would not work. (With error code 80048820) Next step was the googlemobile.Google informed me that quite a few people have had this error/problem.

You can do a "net start wmsvc & net start msdepsvc" on the remote computer to ensure these services are started.This can happen if you try to do a dump of "remotesite/remoteapp" where "remoteapp" does not actually exist Resolution: Specify a remote application name that actually exists Diagnosis: This can happen if you try to do a Set Acl on a file or folder that does not exist. Diagnosis: Computer name is mistyped, or the computer is not reachable.Resolution: Try to check if the computername is valid. Diagnosis: Web Management Service or Remote Agent is not installed or unreachable on the remote computer.Resolution: Either install a trusted certificate on the endpoint, or try bypassing certificate validation.Diagnosis: A proxy gateway is preventing Web Deploy from communicating with the remote Web Deploy endpoint.

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