Error validating current user and server

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Storing errors as a global didn't work, because Wordpress does a redirect during the save_post process, which kills the global before you can display it.

$ svn info Error validating server certificate for '':- The certificate is not issued by a trusted authority.

Troubleshooting Rules Validation Steps During the setup process for SQL Server, the folder Setup Bootstrap directory is utilized heavily to monitor the state of the installation.

Do I have to somehow provide Subversion with a bundle of well-known trusted certificates?I am running Subversion 1.6.17 as installed by Mac Ports 1.9.2 on Mac OS X 10.6.7.What do I have to do to get Subversion to recognize that the certificate we are using for Mac OS Forge *is* issued by a trusted authority?With the knowledge of the permissions error and the UNC and admin share usage in hand, we can come to a step to attempt as a resolution of our own.Since this installation was run from a remote drive by accessing it via the admin share.$ and with the machine that had the setup files on it existing in another work group, security was passed to access those files by manually entering an account on the remote machine that could do this.

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Use thefingerprint to validate the certificate manually!

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