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Moreover, archiving is available only for the inbox, and messages in other places such as Sent Mail cannot be archived.

By default, labels appear on the message list and can be customized with a color.

All emails with a particular category can be seen together through the side menu.

Gmail recognizes messages related by subject and groups them into "conversations" where messages in a back-and-forth string get collected together and appear stacked one after another, with the newest messages at the top. The number of messages in a conversation always appears in parentheses next to the names of people in the conversation.

Archiving presents a better alternative to deleting as it helps to tidy up the inbox without deleting messages permanently.

Archiving, however, is limited to message threads and individual messages cannot be archived.

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Messages of the type that were recently archived or deleted, or are rarely opened are less likely to be marked as important.

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