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This opinion is expressed, without a hint of irony, as they themselves took the time to compile lists of alleged offenses to hate on IU with, and those lists consist of incidents they remember specifically because the events were news and covered at the time.

It all sort of torpedoes their own allegations that she was never examined under the microscope for these alleged infractions or that she got away without consequence. But regardless of the inherent hypocrisy of their IU witch-hunt, the actual reality is worse for them.

But hey, whatever you do, don’t question Pann blog posts, man.

Additionally, make no mistake about it, the timing of this onslaught of hate emerging with her dating news and people shading Eunhyuk is no coincidence.

Karena apa Heechul mengatakan pada reality show 100 points 100 KBS2 tentang Eunhyuk yang tidak ada di rumah ketika Heechul pergi ke bawah (Eunhyuk tinggal di lantai bawah dorm Super Junior dan Heechul di atas) ketika ia ingin pergi untuk menemui grupnya Cho Co Balls (Heechul kelompok AB dengan FT Island’s Lee Hongki, Jang Geun Seok dll) Heechul tidak melihat Eunhyuk ada, jadi Eunhyuk menghindar dan mengatakan bahwa dia adalah anak yang baik sehingga dia sering mengunjungi orang tuanya tapi Heechul meragukan hal itu dan berkata, “Ahh.

– He is in Super Junior’s sub-unit Super Junior-T – Heechul’s ideal type: Girls who wear skirts and has nice legs, can cook well, single eyelids, likes younger women, always have her hair tied to show her neck.Yesung – He was born in Seoul and at age of 10 moved to Cheonan, South Chungcheong, South Korea. – Yesung’s mom changed his name from Kim Jong Woon (김종운) to Kim Jong Hoon (김종훈) because she thought it brought him bad luck, as it basically means a “thunderstorm cloud”. He has a habit to wake up and sleep in a different bed every 20 minutes.– Yesung had his first kiss when he was in 2nd Year High School. (This mostly happens when they are staying at a hotel) – The meaning of his name is powerful, artistic.Super Junior Official Accounts: Instagram: @superjunior Facebook: superjunior Twitter: @SJofficial Weibo: superjunior Official Website: superjunior.smtown Youtube: SUPERJUNIOR Super Junior Members Profile: Leeteuk – He was born in Seoul, South Korea. – Leeteuk became trainee since he was 13 years old. – He is Super Junior’s sub-unit’s Super Junior-T and Super Junior-Happy – He always sleeps before their performance. He was officially discharged from the military on July 29 ,2014.– In 2012 he participated on the TV show “We Got Married” where he was paired with actress Kang Sora.

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