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Can you imagine trying to do a spin class in a floor-length skirt?

Ergo, all photo-taking devices must be checked at the door.

The exception is when greeting: In Qatar, men and women greet friends of the same sex with three kisses on the cheek. Models in magazines often have clothing drawn on, and any sexy-time scenes in movies are censored, especially if the characters aren’t married. If you’re found to be scantily clad you could be fined or, at the very least, security will ask you to leave the mall/office/souq you’re in.

It’s not uncommon for people to call the moral police and dob on anyone seen breaking this rule. If you escape these guys, don’t think you’re in the clear.

So the question becomes do you want to make a lot of money? A good strategy might be to go to Saudi Arabia or another Middle Eastern country for a year or two and build up a nice bankroll and then move to a Southeast Asian country to have a lot of fun and cover your expenses while teaching English there.

If you get that bored in the Middle Eastern country you could always just take a quick vacation to one of those Southeast Asian countries and blow off some steam before returning to your job teaching English.

At many places being a native speaker will be enough to get the job.And life here is good — the weather’s nice, we don’t pay taxes, and the culture seems to have mastered the work/life balance.If nothing else, it’ll help you kick the booze habit.Then you can invest some of the money you make into Bitcoin and live off the profits.Some people are even teaching English on Skype these days and you could do that from the comfort of your own home wherever you live currently.

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Zhuhai is a city in China with 1.5 million people just north of Macau.

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