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An assembly manifest file is named for the assembly, and an application manifest file is named for the application.

The term side-by-side (Sx S) assemblies refers to the configuration of different versions of the same COM component, via manifest files, in order that they can be loaded simultaneously by different threads without needing to be registered.

In here is the Visual C version of the client application (client.exe), its manifest (manifest), the Visual C version of the COM server (Side By Side.dll) and its manifest (Side By Side. In the ATL Project Wizard, on the Application Settings tab, deselect the Attributed check box and select the Allow merging of proxy/stub code check box.

In Solution Explorer, right-click the project node and choose Add | Add Class.... Give the class a short name of Side By Side Class and click Finish.

At present the \deployed folder should contain, apart from some intermediate files, only and Side By Side.dll, and the latter will have been registered by its build process.

In this walkthrough I will build a simple native COM component and consume it, both registered and unregistered, from native and managed clients.

The component and the native client will be presented in both Visual C and Visual Basic 6.0; the managed client will be presented in both C# and Visual Basic . You can download the source code and samples and see them in action right away or you can follow along with the walkthrough and build them yourself step-by-step. NET Framework technology will be accustomed to the term assembly, which denotes a set of one or more modules deployed, named, and versioned as a unit, with one module containing a manifest that defines the set.

The sets of clients and servers are organized as they are in this walkthrough in the interest of presenting code that works as-is.

Create a new Visual C Win32 Console Project called client in a sibling folder relative to the Side By Side project's folder.

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