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This video includes a date and time watermark, making it more usable as evidence if necessary.

One drawback to the Conbrov is that it can only store up to 150 minutes of footage at a time, which is why the voice/motion activation is important.

Because of this, my first priority in selecting the cameras for this list was to find the ones that work well and perform reliably.

Then I looked for forward-thinking technology such as app monitoring, motion detection, and concealment within devices that actually make sense.

The Conbrov mini spy camera can’t be monitored via a smartphone app like my first pick, but it’s the most versatile item on this list, earning it a number-two spot.

The modern addiction to the sweet nectar of a fully charged phone battery means that chargers are everywhere, and the presence of one of these devices won’t raise any suspicion.

While a hidden camera should never be your only method of monitoring, it can serve as an extra set of eyes while you’re away from the house.

We reviewed a few popular hidden cameras several months ago, but since then, a handful of hidden cameras have pinged on my radar. My first pick is an app-monitored camera cleverly disguised as a light bulb.

When you install the camera, do a test run to make sure it gets enough light to produce a good-quality image—you may need to reposition the camera if the image is too dark or too washed out.

Confirm that the angle is right for the activities in the room as well.

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