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The Bill when passed may amount to legalising prostitution but at least sex workers will not be harassed while soliciting with prospective customers.The question that arises over here is that will the Bill decriminalise the act itself Hardly, it is so as the Bill on one hand proposes to ease things out for the sex workers; it also aims towards handing out more stringent and harsher punishment to the clients or customers.The earlier prevalent Section in both SITA and ITPA provided punishment for brothel keeping, pimping, detaining anyone in a brothel, use of premises and procurement, but with the inclusion of the above words, the Act can be used to criminalize receipt and transfer by a client.

the definition of "trafficking in persons" has been proposed to include "recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt by persons" as punishable.

Clients and brothel owners escaped punishment by showing ignorance.

We should not go much into the SITA, as it stands repealed with the coming into force of the ITPA.

Existing laws allow clients caught with sex workers to be let off easily while the women are held guilty of promoting, furthering and committing moral blasphemy.

The law to tackle prostitution i.e., the Immoral Traffic Prevention Act ( ITPA), 1956 is often misused. However, little has been and is being done to regulate or prohibit flesh trade, estimated to be a Rs. Presently there is this confusion building up as one side reiterates that prostitution should be criminalized on three strands of thought- Morality, Legal Paternalism and Harm to Other.

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# Punishment to human traffickers enhanced to 10 years' imprisonment and Rs.1 lakh fine.

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