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Will probably expand into fruits, on a small scale, as well.I’m not sure when all this will take place due to limited funds and labor, but It is our goal to have a wide variety of products for our family and the public.Moving our pens daily provides fresh pasture daily to our birds.Pasture systems produce a very high quality poultry product which is lower in fat and calories but higher in key vitamins such as Beta-carotene and Vitamin E.We deliver to the surrounding areas including The Woodlands, Kingwood, Conroe, Bryan, College Station and Huntsville. Website: https:// Here at A•Y• Raam Farms, LLC we are working to establish the finest all natural, chemical free products, including grass fed beef, grain fed pork, free-range eggs, pasture raised chicken and turkey, along with a wide variety of produce. We started raising everything for our selves, because we were tried of all the chemicals, hormones and, who knows what else, is in the commercially grown meat, eggs, and produce we buy at the local supermarket.Whole chickens are harvested based on the size requirements of our clients and sold either fresh chilled or frozen by the pound. ASHKOLGRA Pasture Poultry Farm, Max Hamilton, 9596 Wallace Road, Midway, TX 75852. We had people asking about our products and discovered that others were just as tired of the stuff you get at the supermarket as we were.We do accept volunteer work, it’s not easy but it’s rewarding and educational. E-mail: [email protected]: Houston & San Antonio Farm to Home is bringing you all the best Texas has to offer and delivering straight to your home.We are continually learning new things and experimenting with different methods growing and raising everything, as I said before “we want the finest quality products.” We are currently taking orders on turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are currently raising our very own 100% Grass-Fed Beef in beautiful Fayette County.

Superbly adapted for survival in the hostile environments of the North American southwest, these hardy cattle thrive on available forage.

Enjoy pasture raised poultry, 100% grass-fed lamb, pasture-raised pork, which are NEVER fed any GMOs, corn, or soy. is located on our family farm 45 miles east of Austin, TX.

We are connecting you to the nutrition you want without the hassle of driving hours to get it. We are currently serving all of Houston and San Antonio. Text/Phone: (832) 302-9189 E-mail: Houston Farm To [email protected]: Text/Phone: (832) 302-9189 E-mail: San Antonio Farm To [email protected]: Our mission is to produce the best tasting, most tender, most nutritious dry aged beef available, through carefully selected genetics, pampered handling, and the feeding of animals from birth to market on nutrient dense grasses and legumes.

In the future we plan to put up a commercial kitchen to make jellies, jams, salsas and other produces.

We are also considering a goat dairy, and catering company.

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