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We see the husband losing faith – circled by another woman. To Reagan: “They are the focus of evil in the modern world”. It could be that religion is her blind spot and that when Paige came looking for answers, E had nothing to offer.Both kids have developed substitute families or parental figures and the wife might be developing traits not unfamiliar to her own cold, hard, uncompromising mother. In quick-cut succession we see individual family members overlaid with the closing passage of the speech: on the beat of “evil empire” Elizabeth is open-mouthed and turns to Philip, who isn’t listening. Nadezhda stares at Reagan; as fierce and defiant as ever. Did the meeting with her mother have an effect; is E re-evaluating as we all do when a parent dies?

In their bedroom, when E is unpacking after the trip and they talk about Phil taking care of the Martha thing: “I think she should hear it from you first. Putting that together, it means Martha is now an actively engaged asset.Frank Gaad – now cast as unimaginative bureaucrat – read this as wrongly as Elizabeth read Paige.Stan’s private life may feature playing board games with a kid but, professionally, he’s bagged an important spy and the opportunity to turn the son of the Minister for Railways.Sandra Beeman Okay, bigger picture: Sandra was parachuted into the season finale – a place where every scene really matters – at the cost of relegating Martha’s conclusion to E12. Finale At its core this is a show about an arranged marriage.Having spent three seasons observing that relationship through one-way glass – the stresses and strains, the ebb and flow of affections, occasional moments of heart rendering intimacy, anger, loyalty, honesty, empathy we again leave the Jennings’s.

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