Godly dating principles

It's awesome to hear that after you prayed for help you saw the Lord!

You can learn more about Jesus and the light and love He wants to bless you with here: By God's grace I can receive visions and dreams and interpret them correctly as I use the gift to minister to 100's but the problem I have now is ; I an tired of the status of getting visions,i want to advance to hearing God and speaking to him mouth to mouth.

Will You Please Help me out that what are these signs and what they mean ? From all the supernatural, paranormal activity you shared - it shows that Jesus is definitely trying to get your attention! One year ago I was dating an atheist and I prayed to God to make us as husband and wife. Because of the sunset, I can't clearly see his face. His profile picture has the very same image I had in the vision that I already forgot about a brown hair and big eyes man that will lead me to God with the sunset in the background that made his face is unclear.

I was upset that the man in my vision is not the guy I’ve been praying for. 2 weeks ago, I was trying to visit him in his country but we stumble on my visa. God gave me another visions of us but I don’t tell him all of these visions because I’m afraid he will tell me that I generate those visions. When we pray we don't want to have any idols in our hearts, otherwise the message we receive is distorted coming through the idol rather than from Jesus directly.

I was raised Catholic and as a child I remember believing in Jesus.

In my everyday life: I look to see Him present with me. So I simply look to see where He is and what He is doing. Having said that, there have been a couple of times when the Lord was asking me to die to self, He has reminded me of His death on the cross and asked me to also lay down my life, even as He did, and to die to self. This life-changing, interactive, online learning experience explores this topic inside and out, bringing you to a place of easily hearing from God and seeing His vision every single day! God speaks again and again, though people do not recognize it.

When I come to Jesus, one of the four keys is “stillness,” so to be in extreme discomfort is disquieting, and thus counter-productive to me “becoming still.” So I normally will not picture Jesus on the cross when I come to Him in prayer. His voice sounds like spontaneous thoughts which light upon you, particularly when your eyes are fixed on Jesus (Heb. So I have learned in my morning devotions to do what these prophets did (Hab. 1:9-11): As a "Thank You" for reading this blog post, you can receive an exclusive 50% discount on the Hearing God's Voice course from School of the Spirit (using coupon code: VISION).

It is not where Jesus currently is and it is not a comfortable place for two lovers to share love (which is what prayer is). So it is clear we are to live out of the voice of Jesus and the Father.

The other night I had a dream I was pregnant and I took a pregnancy test in the dream and it was positive then I woke up.

After seeking Lord, month ago "I saw his outline my eyes"... I SAW JESUS FACE SMILING, he was sitting grass looking at me smiley face..my heart was surprise in tears of LOVE & Joy.this confirmation I saw Jesus... You can ask God what you are to do with these visions.

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