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Men complained in my interviews about women on first dates who thought they were being subtle—but were completely transparent—when they tried to play “the money detective game” (a.k.a., “Are you rich or not? These gold-digger questions were reported most frequently: 1) Does your company give you stock options?

Gordon, a 36-year old entrepreneur from New York, NY, claimed to know every trick question in the gold digger handbook: “Women hear that I’m an entrepreneur, and they don’t know how to evaluate my financial situation.

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The hotel is so irrelevant to my travel passion and so obviously an indication that she’s looking for a certain lifestyle.” He said one woman even asked him if he “flew commercial” on his trip! When you’re talking to a divorced man, the key is to focus on sympathy for what he’s gone through emotionally, especially if he has children. I., says he’s immediately turned off by the “alimony question” which several women have asked him on first dates.

In his mind, that’s code for “How much money remains for me?

So they slip in proxy questions like ‘Does your company give you stock options? George, a 48-year old from Los Angeles, CA, says it’s very hard to find sincere women in L.

A.: “I actually own two cars—a Prius and a Corvette– but I purposely drive my Prius on a first date to fend off the gold diggers.” 3) What does your dad do?

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  1. Ok, so you're frustrated that he's asking you to drive an equal distance, but irritated that he didn't ask for your input on where he wanted to take you to dinner. Frankly, it just doesn't sound like you're really that into this guy, period.