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Therefore, I simply reset Winsock and the TCP/IP stack.Do the following: -netsh winsock reset -netsh interface ip reset -reboot the server -reconfigure your ip address -reboot the server.It happened after I moved the DC from a Virtual Server to Hyper-V and it received new network card drivers. The problem was solved by changing the permissions of the group policy for the Authenticated Users group to Everyone to read and apply GPO. Step 8 in ME887303 - purging the MUP cache - worked here to resolve the errors both times.In the network adapter settings I had to activate the "Client for Microsoft Networks". Userenv errors 10 have occurred on one of our two Windows 2003 domain controllers, twice now. Since this was an Access denied error, I paid particular attention to step 5 and permissions on the sysvol folder and subfolders.Have been getting the Userenv 10 errors on one of two domain controllers each month for the past 4 months. Have followed many suggesstions and articles, but the only thing that has worked is to run the dfsutil /Purge MUPCache command from the command prompt of the affected DC. Replmon (from Windows Support Tools) has shown me the two versions of the GPO. I've just copied the newer files from server 1 manually to the sysvol folder of server 2 and suddenly the error message was gone!Than a gpupdate /force and a ipconfig /flushdns on both servers, and the problem was gone. Go to the Group Policy Management Console and attempt to edit the offending GPO. I deleted the GPO, reran GPUdate /force and the 1058/1030 errors went away. I was getting this event every 5 minutes on my SBS 2003 DC after I was unable to open/edit several group policy objects.

Based on that I figured that some sort of process keeps the file locked hence the next step - I followed the suggestions on one of the posts here to flush the the local DFS/MUP cached information.When I tried to open the default domain policy, I received several pop-ups: "There is an inconsistency between the GPO Object in SYSVOL and Active Directory. The following comments are applicable to this event with "Access denied" as error code for the group policy (Default for a domain) on a Windows 2003, SP1 domain controller: - Verifying the actual GPT.INI file revelead that it was not recently updated - Trying to update the group policy using the "gpupdate /force" command produced the 1030/1058 events combination.It turned out that the problem was caused by e Trust 7.0 real time that was locking out the account.In my case, I installed a W2k3 member server in a Domain with two W2k3 domain controllers.

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We have two Domain Controllers and we received 1030\1058 errors every 5 minutes on our primary DC as many people have. I had this error after replacing a defective network card.

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