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"The blurring of personal and professional use of enterprise assets such as laptops underscores the criticality of protecting organizations from the network core to the outer edges against advanced persistent threats and evasive malware that could be introduced as a result of an infected personal device targeted as a result of a prior data breach.

Data breaches provide a distribution hub for malware for years to come," he added.

It has traditionally printed its newspaper itself, but earlier this year struck a deal to outsource the operation to Trinity Mirror – publisher of fellow tabloids the Daily Mirror, the Sunday Mirror and the Sunday People – from January.

British dating site Guardian Soulmates suffered a data leak which led to users being targeted with sexually explicit spam emails.

"This breach is good reminder that every breach reveals data that criminals can use to launch additional attacks.

They merge data from multiple sources, building dossiers on potential victims, including spear phishing targets.

Earlier this month, Soulmates rolled out a new website and introduced a new identity designed by London-based Multi Adaptor.

The cost-savings are all in production and printing processes rather than the journalism,’ she told the BBC.

The change is a dramatic shift for the left-of-centre Guardian, which had spent £80million on Berliner presses and print works.

The problem is that it felt like looking for love in the classifieds section of a newspaper. By giving Soulmates its own logo it now has the ability to stand on its own and establish an attitude and aesthetic free from the guidelines of the news organization behind it.

I’m not 100% clear on what the panels in the logo are meant to be; perhaps paper sheets as if they were love notes? It’s the only confusing part about this otherwise lovely wordmark featuring a delightful “ou” ligature that makes you want to sing “X and Y, sitting on a tree.

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