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Except that – and fans will be thrilled to hear this – he isn’t bringing the books to an end, really. He has also inherited some property smack bang in the middle of a Yorkshire abbey (yes, Peter admits, close observers might notice some similarities to a certain abbey in Ampleforth).Series one has finished, he says cheerfully, sitting in the south-facing conservatory of his home in Ampleforth looking out towards the Howardian Hills. Keen to escape the sepia-toned 1960s setting of the original books, he has fast-forwarded the action 25 years or so. The Abbot asks Nick for advice on security – with the result that Nick sets up a private abbey police force, along the lines of the York Minster police. A draft of the book has already been sent to his publishers, and, hopefully, it will be the first of a whole new series of rural adventures.

As a young cadet in Whitby he frequently found himself with not much to do, he admits. “I copied out huge chunks of Moriarty’s Police Law, the bible of the police force.” His fellow police officers quickly cottoned on to the fact he could type, and so began to pester the young trainee to write up their reports for them.THERE’S no market for Yorkshire humour, Peter Walker was once told.As a young policeman, he’d penned a book of funny stories about working the night shift in Whitby.He’s written a book and wants to know what he can do about it.’ Peter chuckles remembering it.“There was this chap standing by the bar with a pint in his hand.

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But Sgt Winter’s widow had asked him to try to make sure there were no press actually at the graveside.

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