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A London church planning to host an exhibition featuring a life-sized replica Israeli checkpoint has been accused 'fanning the flames of antisemitism'.Jewish religious leaders have hit out at the Hinde Street Methodist Church, close to Oxford Street, over an upcoming display inspired by an Israeli border control point between Jerusalem and the West Bank.The exhibition, called 'You cannot pass today: Life through a diving wall', will offer an insight into daily life in the Holy Land when it opens on Monday, according to organisers.Publicity material for the display says it will give visitors the chance to experience what it is like to cross a checkpoint every day, and will 'explore how we can break down the walls that divide us'.Vice-president Marie van der Zyl told the Jewish Chronicle that the exhibition 'puts unwelcome and unnecessary strain on Christian-Jewish relations', and voiced fears about it being 'one sided'.Chairman of the Zionist Federation, Paul Charney, added: 'The danger with discussions of the Middle East conflict is that it's reduced to a tale of ever villainous Israelis and perpetually victimised Palestinians.'In a statement to The Times, a church spokesman said: 'The exhibition has been carefully curated to reflect the issues of divided communities and to promote reflection and prayers for piece.'There is no criticism of the Jewish community or faith.'No one from the church was available for comment when contacted by the Mail Online.

He died at sea on his final voyage, off the coast of Panama.

He had been suffering from dysentery for several days and in January 1596, he finally died.

His body was placed inside a lead casket and he was slipped overboard. From what I can see in his actions, though, he is not my kind of hero.) What I do know is that a hit man should still be arrested for murder, even if it was his job.

The church said the exhibition will not criticise the Jewish community or faith.

But Rabbi Barry Marcus, of the Central Synagogue, which is less than a mile from the church, said he feared it would 'demonise' Israel, telling The Times: 'Why the hell is a church wasting resources on fanning the flames of antisemitism?

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