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It is a process that takes time and constant communication.In addition, some HIV-positive people try to disclose their status to sexual partners in ways that do not include direct and open discussion of HIV.Many HIV-positive individuals find it desirable to share information about their HIV status with their partners. Whilst some people are able to tell their sexual partners immediately, others may hold back because of concerns about potential negative consequences. So you tell the person you’re gonna have sex with [that you have HIV]. ..then they tell everybody else ‘He’s got HIV.’ You say ‘Damn, I didn’t want everybody to know.I was just trying to tell her because I wanted to have some sex and now she went and exposed my status.‘He’s got AIDS over here.’ Then you gotta leave the state.

Can’t get a job, can’t get a girlfriend, can’t do nothing.

[L]ack of disclosure has been described legally as fraud, criminal negligence, criminal nuisance, and many other charges in additional jurisdictions.

However, these charges assume that everyone can disclose their HIV status at the time of every sexual act.

(Heterosexual man, Michigan, United States, 2009) I got married in 2004 and my husband started giving me STDs [sexually transmitted diseases]…He goes out with women. When I was four months pregnant he beat me until the placenta came out.

When I ask for a condom, or go to the clinic to get treatment, he starts beating me. From the time I got the results, he started beating me up. I had to go to the Victim Support Unit [a special unit of the Zambian police that addresses abuses against women and children].

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