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://scontent.cdninstagram.com/hphotos-xta1/t51.2885-15/s640x640/sh0.08/e35/12558346_1660276867558825_1125169888_n.jpg[/IMG] This is him hanging out with at least one out and proud gay guy.

Possibly even three, because for all I know, JR is in his mid-40s, and Ian is almost 40, but they're both unmated.

And Ian plays Tyler Hoechlins older brother or something like that. don't bother to pick me up on my replies, we are all allowed to suggest our feeling on here, whether you agree or disagree, ignore my comments if you wish but don't fucking put me down on it.....

No I am a horny 22 yr old, I don't always say that...

There was a misunderstanding and the post had to be put down, but AO3 and I have sorted out and the post is up again.

This are the stories written by Seth Wilson, who gave me permission to post them in AO3. Based on an Instagram prompt today, posted by _heavenlynewtmas, about Thomas being a model, and Dylan openly staring at him.

, "Girls And Boys Colton Haynes Has Dated", Colton Haynes | Kissing with Jeff Leatham | Pool Day with Emily Bett Rickards | Instagram Stories, Shake It Off Colton & Emily, Real Life Couples of Teen Wolf, Colton Haynes Dating Asif Ali??? , Colton Haynes & Jeff Leatham Call It QUITS 6 Months Into Marriage, Teen Wolf ...

He later publicly came out as gay in an interview in Entertainment Weekly in May 2016.Honestly straight men can be single and not all wanting to settle down etc.Colton will be playing Rob Lowe's son on a FOX Network show called "The Grinder"." I got it off his instagram, and the twin on that picture was tagged as "charliecarve".as for the people on the picture, they are called, from left to right: Colton Haynes, Charlie Carver, JR Bourne, and Ian Bohen. Argent, the head of the Argents who were the main "baddies" of Season 1 and secondary baddies in s2 and sort of friends afterwords.

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Filming began in December 2008, and the film was released to television on October 24, 2009.

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