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This feature became a staple of the earlier catalog of hits, as they closed their eyes, shook their heads, and reached up for the falsetto notes during their performances, which created a frenzied reaction especially from admiring teen girls.Such was the impact on US audiences as they caught their first glimpse of the band on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964.' And I realized that, in fact, I was, and we changed it.""I helped with a couple of the lyrics," remembered John.Paul elaborates: "We stopped there and both of us cringed at that and said, ' No, no, no. There's got to be another rhyme for seventeen.' So we went through the alphabet: between, clean, lean, mean; ' She wasn't mean; ; great!I had .' I knew this was rubbish, and that I'd put it down just because it rhymed.When I showed it to John, he screamed with laughter and said, ' You're joking about that line, aren't you?I remember walking around some lovely, elegant squares...while he made up rhyming lines and asked me what I thought of them.

' I Saw Him Standing There' was the best example of it..."Even now, when I tell people about it, I find few of them believe me.Therefore I maintain that a bass riff doesn't have to be original."”.Put that in.' And then the significance of it built as we sang it...people picked up on the implied significance later. So it was co-written, my idea, and we finished it that day." The innuendo "," possibly suggesting hooking up with an underage girl, was then added to the lyrics in a Liverpool Institute exercise book they wrote their songs in, this song containing many scribbled out ideas.Paul's brother Michael has a picture taken on this day of Paul strumming a cheap Spanish acoustic guitar (possibly a Framus model) and John with his newly acquired Gibson J-160E as they both huddled around the exercise book which was on the floor.

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