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These women speak beautiful English with a slight accent and that is a huge advantage, because it means there is no need to try to learn a foreign language.

In general these city girls are a sweet combination of traditional Indian culture with the intelligence, education, and moxy of a Western woman.

Girls, Do you ladies really find Indian men THAT unattractive/undateable? Do you find Native American/American Indian/First Nation people (women or men) attractive/beautiful/handsome?

Why do people call Americans most racist when Europeans are much more racist by far?

Many of them are career women, but career women whose first loyalty is to their husband and children.

A lot of American men find this mixture extremely intoxicating.

A quick view of the news about the treatment of Indian women in the is enough to shock almost anyone.

Often the police do not protect them from crimes, particularly when they are committed by their relatives or spouse.

The Internet dating is becoming an increasingly popular way for women in India to find suitable partners for dating and marriage.This is a particularly good strategy for men of Indian heritage, because you can meet women from different parts of the country with a similar background and culture to your family.This way you can meet a woman your family will approve of without having to go through the distasteful process of an arranged marriage.One nice thing about dating Indian women today is that most urban women are modern and cosmopolitan.This is important because it means that the cultural differences are a lot easier to negotiate between Western men and Indian women than they used to be.

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Often a modern Indian woman from a large city seems a lot like an American woman from about 1950.

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