Intimidating neighbours

This may include injunctions, which can be highly effective preventive measures which can reduce the nuisance caused whilst allowing people to keep their homes.

Social landlords (local authorities and housing associations) may be able to ask the courts to attach a power of arrest to such injunctions if there is violence, or a threat of violence.

There is a package of measures which local authorities, both in their strategic role as crime and disorder partners, and their role as landlords, can use to tackle neighbour nuisance problems, including noise nuisance and anti-social behaviour.

All landlords, whether social or private, have powers to take action against tenants who are breaching their tenancy agreement.

Obviously, the quiet enjoyment of one's home is relative, so someone living in the centre of London can't expect the same degree of quiet as someone who lives in the countryside.

In the event that the behaviour of others is causing disturbance to a homeowner, or their land is being trespassed upon, there are steps that can be taken in order to put an end to these activities.

Arguments with your neighbours can often occur because of overgrown gardens, trees that are damaging walls or overhanging property, boundary disputes and high hedges.

They are enforceable by one landowner against another and effectively allow a form of private planning control.

But there are ways for your local authority to tackle the problem.

An awareness of these measures will enable you to press the local authority to take them. In this section you can find out what the penalties are for committing any of these offences, and what you can do if you want to report an incident.

A dispute over the position of a boundary, fence or wall is one of the most common causes for a neighbour dispute.

The first step to resolving the dispute is to establish exactly where the boundary lies.

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