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Either stop being lazy and just say, "The dog wants to go outdoors" or hand it a copy of Out Magazine. It really does." it makes the speaker sound repetitive AT BEST, and unreliable at worst. It really does." When a declarative sentence like, "That makes sense", is followed with the meaningless, "..does.Some idioms and expressions come with elaborate background stories. This idiom comes from Joseph Heller’s novel of the same name.

Substitute with: Not making the definition be the exact words of the words being defined. The illocutionary force of that reply is simply, "I see you are passionate about that.", which is of no value because that is obvious. ", "Easy, big tiger", "Deep Breath" then demonstrating an exaggerated deep breath. "You can't win for losing." After some research I found that the "for" doesn't mean what it usually means. "You can't win for losing" is a sentence without substance. "I am NOT a happy camper." What is this 20 questions?In this case it is used like, "I exercise, for I like a healthy body.". Wouldn't it be more efficient to tell me what you ARE instead of what you are NOT?So all that sentence says is, "You cannot win because you are losing." It just says, you are not doing A because you are doing the opposite of A. All you've done is eliminate one of the innumerable possible nouns you could possibly be, which is extremely abstract, if you think deeply about it. I'm not a primitive cave drawing, nor am I a Rubenesque woman,..." etc.There’s also the word “create,” another similar word to “make” and “invent,” which is only sometimes used alongside the word “impact.”Thus, in comparison: You’ll find collocations in the list of emotional phrases below (for example: “grief-stricken,” “flying high”).Memorizing these word pairings will quickly make your English sound much more natural.

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